save1 [ seıv ] verb ***
▸ 1 help someone/something avoid harm
▸ 2 avoid using something
▸ 3 help someone avoid doing something
▸ 4 keep something for future
▸ 5 in computing
▸ 6 stop point being scored
1. ) transitive to make it possible for someone or something to avoid danger, harm, injury, etc.:
campaigns to save the planet/rain forest/whale
A cure for lung cancer would save thousands of lives each year.
save someone/something from something: Only hard work will save this company from bankruptcy.
a ) in the Christian religion, to make someone no longer be influenced by the power of evil so that they can go to heaven when they die
2. ) transitive to avoid using something such as money, time, or energy, or use less of it:
You can save $100 by buying your tickets before Saturday.
Traveling by plane is more expensive, but it saves time.
save someone something: Democrats argue their plan will save the government money in the future.
save something on something: Save up to $10 on your next purchase with this coupon.
3. ) transitive to make it possible for someone to avoid doing something:
Setting down clear rules from the start will save arguments later on.
save someone something: If you get some milk on your way home, it'll save me a trip to the store.
save someone doing something: If you could tell her, that would save me calling her.
save someone the trouble/bother/expense (of doing something): Buying a machine with a grass box saves you the bother of raking up the grass.
4. ) transitive to keep or store something so that you can use it in the future:
save something for someone/something: Let's have one piece of cake now and save the rest for later.
Save some energy for the end of the race.
a ) save or save up transitive to collect a set of things and keep them for a particular purpose:
Save eight tokens and you can get one of these amazing pens!
b ) save or save up intransitive or transitive to regularly put money in a bank or invest it so that you can use it later:
I've managed to save almost $500 for my holiday.
save for: Don't wait until you're 40 to start saving for retirement.
save to do something: We've been saving to buy a new car.
c ) transitive to keep something for someone by making sure other people do not take it:
save something for someone: Would you please save a place in line for me?
save someone something: Save me some dinner and I'll have it when I get in.
5. ) intransitive or transitive to make a computer keep information that you have put into it:
Where did you save the file you were working on?
It's a good idea to save frequently.
6. ) intransitive or transitive if a GOALKEEPER saves a ball in a sport such as soccer, they prevent the ball from going into the net:
Dearden saved a second-half penalty to lead his team to victory.
not be able to do something to save your life SPOKEN
to be very bad at doing something:
She couldn't play the piano to save her life!
save your breath SPOKEN
used for telling someone that it is useless to continue talking:
You can save your breath. There's no way I'm coming with you.
save the day/situation
to do something that prevents a situation from becoming unpleasant, embarrassing, or unsuccessful:
I locked myself out but Yuki had her keys and saved the day.
save face
to avoid seeming stupid or feeling embarrassed:
We're looking for a compromise that allows both sides to save face.
save someone from themselves
to stop someone from behaving in a way that will harm them
save someone's life
1. ) to stop someone from dying:
A man who was passing saved her life by pulling her out of the water.
2. ) INFORMAL to do something that helps someone a lot:
Thanks for the ride you saved my life!
save someone's skin/neck/bacon INFORMAL
to do something that prevents someone from being in a difficult or unpleasant situation
`save on phrasal verb transitive save on something
1. ) to spend less money on something than you would normally:
Using eco-friendly lightbulbs will help you save on electricity bills.
2. ) to avoid using something, or to use less of it:
Keep your showers short to save on water.
,save `up phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive same as SAVE1 4B:
She spent all the money I had saved up for our trip.
I'm saving up for a new car.
2. ) transitive same as SAVE1 4A:
You save up the tokens to get a prize.
save 2 [ seıv ] noun count
an action by a GOALKEEPER that prevents a ball from going into the net in a sport such as soccer
save 3 [ seıv ] preposition FORMAL
No one, save perhaps his wife, knows where he is.
save for: The room was completely dark, save for one candle burning in the corner.
save that: We know little about his childhood, save that his family was poor.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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